Rouge de Boudreaux Flour

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Rouge de boudreaux flour from Gonzales-Siemens Farm

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Rouge de Boudreaux is a flexible, French varietal. It is a strong flour (also described as high protein content) with nutty but mellow flavor and can be used in bread loaves, muffins, scones and more.

About the farm: Gonzales-Siemens Farm is run by Nathaniel and Rebekka Gonzales-Siemens and their verdant brood of 5-kids. The enterprise is focused on regenerative farming (methods that nourish the earth and farm eco-system as opposed to depleting it) practices as well as food, social economic and environmental justice. Camas Country Mill currently mills the Gonzales-Siemens grain into flour but the farm is hoping to have their own stone mill up and running soon.