Durum Iraq Flour

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Durum Iraq flour from Mendocino Grain Project

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Durum Iraq is a heritage variety of grain (meaning, it?s old! People have been using it for centuries- it?s not a new-fangled grain that was altered in a lab) and it has roots in North Africa and the Middle East. It?s known for its beautiful golden hue and is a favorite for use in pasta and pancakes.

About the farm and mill: Mendocino Grain Project is a community-minded business and longtime anchor of the food economy in Mendocino and beyond. The farm grows and mills in-house and also offers a valuable annual grain school for farmers learning to grow and process grain. An inspiring woman named Rachel Britten with a background in soil health and food justice just purchased the business and will be continuing the enterprise?s legacy of growing and processing heritage flours and educating others about food systems.